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I'm so excited you have joined the Confident Boss Ladies Facebook community.


We have a lot of great things planned for 2021, and we would love for you to be a part of it all.

We believe in female power and want to encourage all women to use their potential and make a difference in our world by dreaming big, believing in themselves, and wanting to move forward in their life. You will accomplish this with us by your side, educating you to excel and achieve much more than you ever imagined. We want every woman to be financially independent and stand on her own two feet no matter what happens in her life.

Please help us grow our global community of women who care about other women. You can start by clicking on the +invite button and invite all of your female friends and family members. Your referrals will be listed under your name.


In March 2021 we introduced our programs; Designing Her with Coach Danielle Holloway, and our 10 Day Leadership Challenge. The 10 Day Leadership Challenge was written with YOU in mind, especially if you are part of a MLM and want to build a strong team.

In June 2021 we are excited to launch our Better Health and Weight Loss Program and our Online Meal Planning System. If you are ready to better your health and lose those extra pounds we are here to help you.

To learn more about each of the programs just click on the toolbar above. The description, fees and schedules are all listed. 

We also are providing a Mentorship program. If there is a topic you would like to be mentored on regarding:

*Toxic Relationships
*Young single moms support system
*Middle age women's challenges
*Topics that will help you elevate your business
or you would like to be the Mentor we've got YOU.

You can look forward to more Giveaway Extravaganzas, Virtual Summits, and other events that will help you grow both personally and professionally throughout the year.

To make sure that you receive our information, we ask that you provide us your email address. I spent hours sending individual Welcome texts to each new member until Facebook put me in Facebook jail, and I couldn't send it out that way anymore.


I know you are probably thinking, "Oh no, she wants my email, and I get so many emails" I get it; no one receives more emails than I do. My promise to you is that we will not abuse the privilege. So REGISTER for our newsletter, so we keep you up to date.

Okay, I have one more request. We love to celebrate birthdays, and it's important to us to celebrate yours as well, head on over and add however much info you feel comfortable with, your information is very secure with us. BIRTHDAY REGISTRATION

One last thing, we are real sticklers when it comes to our RULES. So here they are:

*No promotions (of any kind) except under the banner "Boss Ladies, what is your business?"
*No politics
*No religion
*No spam
*Respect everyone's privacy
*No hate speech or bullying
*Final one....Be kind and courteous

Be well and safe, and let's change lives!!!

Sending you virtual hugs,
Coach Cathy 

Confident Boss Ladies

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