Confident Boss Ladies
Confident Boss Ladies

Weight Loss Coach,

Terry Sterling


        Let's get you off of sugar and back to loving your new slim and trim body! Are you ready to make a change? Then let's do this!

In December 2019, while perusing my Facebook account, I saw an amazing post from my cousin, Cathy whom I had not seen in about a year. She was sharing her story about her weight loss journey and how she had lost 50 plus pounds since  October 2019! She looked absolutely stunning and I needed to reconnect not because she’s family but especially because I was in a downward spiral with my weight.


I had been on my “millionth” weight loss program for over a period of 8 months and had lost 25 pounds but if I ate another packaged food that was mixed with hot water and cooked in the microwave, I was going to lose my mind! And as I  normally did, I gained all that weight back in a period of 4 months!  

My Story

My November and December had turned into a Sugar Fest! I couldn’t get enough of it. So, when I saw my cousin’s story, I knew it was definitely time to reconnect.  With the help of my cousin who was now my coach, I began my journey to become healthier. A journey that would improve my self-esteem as it was at an all-time low! I began the program and in 8 days I had lost my desire for sugar and was down 12.5 pounds and 10 inches! I was eating healthy food and supported with plant-based supplements. The feeling of always being hungry had disappeared. This was definitely a first for me!  

I loved it so much I decided to become a coach. I continue using the supplements. I don’t feel deprived ever and know that I am not always perfect on it. I continue to lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle and it’s made me a better coach. I can’t wait to help you on your journey through our Better Health and Weight Loss Program. 

Confident Boss Ladies

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