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The Essential Guide and Workbook To Job Offers

Your job is the reason you get up every morning, helps you support your family, and allows you to build a better future. So why should you settle for a job offer that doesn’t really reflect your worth? You worked hard to get where you are today. You deserve a good job with a paycheck that allows you to live comfortably. Accepting a job offer is a very important decision that will have a huge impact on your future and on how well you can provide for your family. This is why it is crucial to learn a few things about negotiating a good salary or understanding a benefits package. 

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How To Talk So Others Will Listen

Do you often get the feeling that people aren’t really paying much attention to what you’re saying? Learning to speak in a way that encourages listening can have numerous benefits. Imagine how your life might be different if others made it a point to seek out your opinions! It would be great for your self-esteem and confidence. Being able to command the attention of others can also benefit your career. Have you ever known someone who wasn’t particularly good at their job, but still managed to thrive within the company? It could be that your co-worker thrived because they had mastered the art of talking so others will listen. 


Self Motivation

All of us have dreams of a better life, but somewhere along our journey, these dreams can get buried. When the chaos of everyday life takes over, we may even begin to believe that we’re not capable of achieving our goals! Nothing could be further from the truth. This little book will show you how to use the power of your mind to motivate yourself to pursue your goals to fulfillment, regardless of the challenges life throws your way. It will also give you expert advice on staying motivated throughout your life. Many of the techniques and suggestions are based on those taught by Anthony Robbins, who rose from the status of janitor to become one of the most successful self-help and inspirational authors in the world. 

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Creating Power Goals-How to create a roadmap to achieve the greatness you deserve.

Life gets in the way with kids' activities, work responsibilities, unexpected bills... the list of life’s distractions could go on and on. These distractions cause us to lose sight of our goals and desires. In this guide, you will learn how to examine different kinds of goal settings that utilize the S.M.A.R.T. principles and support successful outcomes. 



You might think that success is challenging and failing is easy, but it’s really quite challenging to be unsuccessful on a consistent basis. If ineffectiveness comes naturally to you, it’s likely you have what it takes to be a great success. In this guide, you will see easy strategies you can use to reverse these habits!

Discover why you get stuck, make bad decisions, and blame your circumstances and what you can do about it.

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How To Write Your Own Success Story

Everyone wants to be a success in both their personal and professional lives. However, in order to attract success, you have to be an active player in your life. After all, you can’t sit on the sidelines and expect everything to fall in place! So are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and write your own success story? Only you can do it. 


Six Strategies To Get Organized and Get More Done Without The Stress

Do you ever feel like your life is going by too quickly? Are you constantly trying to pick up the pieces and you just don’t know how to keep up? You get the dishes cleaned but you look around the house and everything else is a disaster. You forget about important events or homework assignments for the kids. You just can’t seem to get ahead. If this sounds like something you’re dealing with, this book will give you the tools you need to lower your stress and get the job done. In this book, we’ll help you discover ways to organize your home and become more productive. 


Essential Pre-Marital Tips and Tricks

How do you manage the rough spots in your marriage? If your marriage was to go on the rocks today, would you know what to do and how to go about fixing it? This guide will help you make it through the difficult times and come out closer and happier than ever before. 

The ultimate guide to keeping your marriage together in all situations. Includes a worksheet and checklist to keep you on track. This is great for anyone in a relationship.


The Productive Entrepreneur

If you’re looking for that sense of purpose and happiness that can come from being productive, this Guidebook can help you focus on the things that will get you there. You will learn the secrets to getting everything done.

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Stop Living Life As A Victim

You often find yourself feeling that the world is against you and it’s preventing you from living the life you want? If so, this guide might be the push you require to redirect yourself toward a more peaceful, happier existence. Understanding what it means to be a victim can be the first step toward changing that, and drastically altering your life. 

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