Confident Boss Ladies Danielle Holloway

Designing Her 

I've watched Danielle on her journey and there is no better coach on the topic of transformation for a Confident Boss Lady.  

~ Coach Cathy Warshaw

Hello Confident Boss Ladies.  In the Designing Her Coaching you will be introduced to several sessions that focus on discovering and empowering the true woman inside you.  This program is designed especially for women to face fears, learn more about self, and feel more assured and confident as they journey through life.


I’m excited to partner with you, doing these life changing sessions.  My clients experience self- growth and tap into a higher level of becoming the best version of themselves possible as they complete the sessions.


Each session will last approximately 90 mins via zoom.  These sessions will be interactive coming from a non-judgmental and relaxed setting.  You will be emailed a worksheet to complete prior to each session. The worksheets will help you reflect and maneuver through the topic of each session.


I will help you grow from where you are.  After all my purpose as a Life Purpose Coach is to see women find and own their purpose in life.  Accomplishing this is an amazing experience and makes living each and every day so worth it, because you are living a life with true intentions.


Join the Designing Her Coaching and experience evolving to the next level of greatness as a Confident Boss Lady.

What you need to do; 

*Decide if mornings or evenings time is better for YOU.
*Decide if you are going to register for all 3 sessions and make an investment in your financial future and save $30 plus receive a bonus 31 Day Positive Mindset Journal. Total investment $119.85 instead of $149.85

OR.  *Register for each session separately for $49.95

Tuesday Sessions
Session 1: March 30 10am or 5pm
Session 2: April 27 10am
Session 3: May 4


Thursday Sessions
Session 1: 
Session 2: April 29 5pm
Session 3: May 6


Once you have registered you will be given access to Danielle's Private
Facebook group where you will let her know which day is better for you.

Self-Discovery   (Choose SESSION 1)

Objective: This session will have you gain a deep understanding of your own self, character, needs, values, and purpose in life.

Description: The process of acknowledging who you are now while evolving into the woman you authentically want to become.

Results: By the end of this session you will have gained an in-depth understanding of yourself and how to maneuver to become the best you possible.

Included: Electronic Self-Discovery Worksheets, and Zoom Live Session

Power of NO    (Choose SESSION 2)

Objective: Empowering women to say NO to non-serving things in life.

Description: Learning How to Say "NO" can lead to freedoms to help you gain more confidence and time in becoming who you want to be. This session will help you fight thru the fears of saying no to things robbing you of time, energy, and life's fulfillment. Once you are empowered to say no non-serving things, you will unlock a more confident level of self and will be about to get more accomplished for the things that truly bring you meaning in life.

Results: By the end of this session you will feel more comfortable and confident to tell others NO when needed.

Included: Reflective Worksheet, and Zoom Live Session


Becoming of a Leader   (choose SESSION 3)

Objective: Helping individuals desiring to become a leader by giving tools and resources to empower you to step into that role.

Description: This session will educate you on the mindset of a leader and practices leaders routinely do to execute effortlessly.

Results: By the end of this session you will know the fundamentals it takes to be a leader and daily practices to maintain that role.

Included: Self-Evaluation Leadership Worksheet, Recommended Book List for Leaders, and Zoom Live Session

$30 OFF

$30 OFF