Confident Boss Ladies
Confident Boss Ladies

Meet Our Founder,

Cathy Warshaw

Hi, my name is Cathy Warshaw, and simply put, Confident Boss Ladies is the  culmination of my entire life’s work and dreams

From an early age, I struggled with shyness and a difficult childhood. I barely graduated high school. With no formal education, I was off to Israel where I was hoping to find a life that had some meaning. It was there that I met my first husband, married, and lived for 12 years. 


When we returned to live here in the states, we started our own business. I was afforded countless opportunities to learn about marketing, finances, business growth,  fundraising, and all of the day-to-day activities of running a business. With each new adventure and business opportunity came more growth, experience, and opportunities that I would never have learned in a college classroom.

Throughout my time, I have been a boutique owner, a restauranteur, an executive assistant, a  bill collector, an office manager, a business manager, an assistant to a general manager, an educator, a director of nonprofits and a health, wellness and weight loss coach.

I have been blessed to have such a vibrant, rich, and robust professional life - and these experiences have made me uniquely qualified to guide other women to explore their own possibilities and professional capacity.


Mine is a story of endurance, of being fearless, of challenges, and of success - and yours can be, too. I am living proof that every woman has the capacity to achieve incredible things without a formal education or a clear, direct career path.  Confident Boss Ladies is my way of supporting other women and helping them live the beautiful, authentic, and powerful life they deserve - despite all of the challenges, hardships, or hang-ups they have experienced. 

You are bold, you are powerful, and you are deserving of a life that is as incredible as you are. I look forward to witnessing your transformation as we build your beautiful future together. 

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Confident Boss Ladies

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