10 Day Leadership Challenge

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Your team is looking to YOU for leadership.

They want you to help them achieve their goals, fulfill their mission, and overcome challenges they encounter along the way.

But being a leader isn't easy. It requires both keen insight AND strong action. If you don't have both, you won't move forward.

This 10-day email challenge will give you strategic leadership insights each day, as well as specific actions to take to strengthen your leadership skills. 


This 10-day leadership challenge is designed to help your team grow in self-confidence so they can become stronger leaders and create a cohesive workplace culture. If your team is struggling with the confidence they need to effectively lead a team, this challenge is a perfect kickstart for their personal development!

Each lesson contains a short reflection followed by a specific, tangible action step. The goal is to keep it short and actionable so your team can build momentum and experience a mini-win after the 10-day challenge.

Here are The Topics Within The Leadership Challenge:

Day 1 - Clarifying Your Personal Mission
Day 2 - Clarifying Your Personal Goals
Day 3 - Identifying Your Personal Roadblocks
Day 4 - Determine Your Personal ONE Thing
Day 5 - Create a Personal Action Plan

Day 6 - Clarify Your Team Mission

Day 7 - Identify Your Team Goals

Day 8 - Determine Your Team One Thing
Day 9 - Identify Current Team Roadblocks

Day 10-Create a Team Action Plan

Who Is This Challenge For?

* The busy entrepreneur who's STRUGGLING to create a positive work culture in her business

* The founder who wants to ATTRACT A-players and expand their business

* The leader looking to create a powerful VISION and MISSION for their team

* The aspiring employee who is looking to JUMP up the ladder

* ANYONE looking to develop their leadership skills


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